For international companies, regulation changes and employee package expectations is driving the need to improve employee benefits and incentives.

  • Group pension / savings scheme
  • End of Service Gratuity

The backbone to an effective modern day corporate pension / savings vehicle:

For international companies, regulation changes and employee package expectations is driving the need to improve employee benefits and incentives.

We specialise in the following:

  • Setting up and administering different types of corporate savings packages
  • Secure pension trust structures and trustee responsibility
  • Ring-fenced funds
  • Multi-jurisdictional schemes
  • Schemes suitable for:
    • Small and medium sized international firms
    • Large international corporates
    • Multi-nationals and branches of international companies
  • Complexity and pricing options ranging from packaged easy to use, low cost schemes, to bespoke executive plans
  • Joined up solutions with advisers, investment managers and other professionals
  • Open architecture design:
    • We work with wealth / financial advisers and investment managers to design specific scheme investment choices
    • We work with investment platforms to create efficient processes to establish and maintain savings schemes
    • Provide guidance to support employers through the process
    • Manage new members joining and those leaving the scheme efficiently
    • Online access to individual fund values and other scheme documentation (click here to view the member portal screen example
    • Contribution, currency and other design choices available
  • Defined contribution and defined benefit schemes

End of Service Gratuity

For jurisdictions, such as the GCC, where End of Service Gratuity is a statutory severance requirement Vantage can assist employers in structuring their payment obligations.

The Vantage ESG Funder Plan provides a secure, structured, low cost means for employers to fund their gratuity payment responsibilities during the employee’s period of employment. Contribution payments can be invested during the accumulation stage, assisting with the final payment obligation.

The funds are held in trust (and therefore off the employer’s balance sheet) within the secure, well - regulated jurisdiction of Jersey.

We work with investment managers and advisers to provide portfolios specifically designed to cater for the individual requirements of an End Of Service Gratuity fund. This also includes liaison with actuaries on funding solutions and future contribution forecasts to provide a pro-active and consistent approach to assist corporate planning.

Vantage provide a full administration service for the plan, including collecting of contributions, investment and final gratuity payment back to the employer on the employee’s departure.

Download our End of Service Gratuity Funder Plan flyer here.  

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